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Send a girl to school with a bike gift

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  • Mar, 10, 2021

Send a girl to school with a bike gift

This project plans to support a bicycle each for higher secondary education of 1000 poor girls (6-12 std.) in southern Nepal where they are forced to walk at least 4-12 KM for nearest higher secondary school. A bicycle in hand, a girl is more secure on the way, regular in school, saves time and energy for better performance that help feel the gap of pass out percentage between boys and girls. Her continuous engagement in school means less chances of her being victims of child marriage at home and continues further study. Additionally they will be provided with a school bag, air pump and common tools to repair their bicycle. The source of the fund is crowd fund (collected from worldwide generous individual donors) collected through Global Giving.

For more information about the project and to donate a bicycle, Click Here

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