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Improving the lives of Maithili girls – Project Recently Complted

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Girls performing street drama
  • Mar, 10, 2021

Improving the lives of Maithili girls – Project Recently Complted

Please find the impact story of the project:

Brief details of the project:

JWAS is implementing Improving Lives of Maithili Girls project with financial as well as technical support from Population Media Council. The project is built over the JWAS existing projects in five districts of Nepal namely Mahottari, Dhanusha, Siraha, Saptari and Sunsari and has two components: Hilkor radio drama and community street theater. The overall aim of the project is to motivate parents to abandon the practice of child marriage and to send their girls to school.

Community Street Theatre

Six community street theaters will be conducted in 12 Maithili communities, which will be designed and delivered by local young girls in each community. Maithili adults/parents are the target audience to influence regarding child marriage and its harmful impacts on children.

Hilkor Listening Groups

JWAS facilitators is playing Hilkor radio drama in JWAS existing project communities every day with girls ages 12-20. As young Maithili girls face a high likelihood of early marriage, the Maithili-language drama Hilkor reaches as many of these girls as possible. Hilkor presents a story of how girls like them can engage with these situations and provides relatable role models and to host discussions with the girls on the issues and stories raised in the drama. 104-episode of radio drama will be played during one year period for 80 Maithili young groups.

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