Responsible Civil Society

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Any Nepalese citizen, completed the age of 16, may obtain membership by paying the specified membership fees  and fulfilling the required procedures .

Types of members

The members of JWAS shall be of following types :

  1. Ordinary member,
  2. Life-long member and
  3. Consumer member.

Membership fee

One may be an ordinary member of JWAS by paying the admission fee of RS. 11/- and annual fee of Rs.51/- .

One may be a life-long member of JWAS by paying a lump sum of Rs. 501/-.

One may be a consumer member of JWAS by paying the admission fee of Rs. 11/-  and annual fee of Rs.51/-.

However, only ordinary and life-long members may take part in the election.

Disqualification for membership

One shall be disqualified for membership in the following circumstances :

  1. a) One who is not a Nepalese citizen,
  2. b) One who does not observe the Statute of JWAS and acts contrary to the same,
  3. c) One who consumers of narcotic drugs,
  4. d) One who consumers and carries narcotic such as cannabis, hassis, drugs,
  5. e) One who is a member of any distractive organization