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  • Aug, 6, 2021

Breaking the Bond (BtB)- Recently completed

Breaking the Bonds: Freedom through Education and Economic Empowerment for Musahar Girls in Nepal

Highlights of the project

Funding:                       UKAID Direct

Consortium Lead:          Street Child of Nepal

Consortium Partners:     JWAS, Aasaman & SAHAS

Status:                               Ongoing

Beneficiaries:                3650 Musahar girls aged 15-18

Location:                      Siraha, Dhanusha and Mahottari

Number of Life Skills Center: Approx. 150 Centers

Breaking the Bond (BtB) project is being implemented in Mahottari, Dhanusha and Siraha district of Nepal. The project has three components: (1) Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) (2) Employment/ livelihood support Programme (LSP) and (3) Life skills course (LSC).  JWAS is working on third components of the project i.e. Life Skills Course. Girls will participate in the program for a total of 15 months where classes are being delivered in community spaces by 40 social workers. The following is expected in Output, Outcomes and Impact level:

Impact:           Freedom from debt bondage due to reduced poverty for Musahar Girls, contributing to the achievement of No Poverty (SDG 1), Quality Education (SDG 4), Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Reducing Inequality (SDG 10) in Nepal.

Outcomes:     Musahar girls have increased access to and ownership of political, economic and social resources, enabling participation in decision making in their households and communities.

Output:          Musahar girls have access to Life Skill Support Circles that (Life Skills) promote strengthened ability to resist abuse, increased awareness of rights and improved confidence in accessing social networks and services.