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  • Mar, 10, 2021

Water Supply and Sanitation

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project (with Fund Board)

JWAS has been implementing demand led, community managed, cost effective, participatory, and sustainable drinking rural water supply and sanitation program (RWSSP) since February 2001. The project use participatory approach enhancing community capacity through the fund and technical support from Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board (RWSSFDB) under the assistance of World Bank. By the end of December 2019, it has completed 24 projects in batch IV to X and 4 projects are ongoing in Siraha district in batch IX

The major components of the project are community mobilization, user committee formation, institutional capacity building of user committee, health hygiene and sanitation education to mothers groups, construction of water supply and households and institutional toilets through kind contribution of the community, school health and sanitation activities, women technical support services and capacity enhancement of community to make the project community managed, cost effective and sustainable.