Janaki Women Awareness Society (JWAS)

Janaki Women Awareness Society is a non-profit making non-governmental organization established in 1993 in Dhanusha district of Nepal by a group of women social workers. The formation of a democratic government provided space to the women social workers who were very much disturbed and concerned about the social evils of child marriage, reproductive health and Hiv/Aids, dowry system, domestic violence, conflict affected people, person with disabilities and discrimination against women. They decided to work in an organized way to uplift their economic, health, social and political conditions. 

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Our Vision

   Building a self reliant society

A self-reliant society refers to that society where every household, being socially united and enjoying the fundamental rights, can maintain own household expenses (food, clothes resident, medicines, education etc.) from own income source and orient towards the equitable society.


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Send a Girl to High School With a Bicycle Gift

Girls with bicycle
Photo: JWAS/Nub Raj Bhandari

JWAS thanks its donors and supporters

Bicycle distribution ceremony

Photo: Girls Not Brides/Thom Pierce.

Flood Relief Fund For Victims in Nepal

JWAS disaster relief program

Photo: JWAS

Girls Listening Hilkor Radio Drama
Girls Hilkor
Photo: JWAS 


Our - Mission

Our  mission is  to organize the targeted  groups-  Women, children Youths and  marginalized  communities against  Caste / Gender in-equality, other social evils and help them to improve their   health  and economical status.  We hope to make  them  self  reliant so  that   they have   a  proper participation in the decision - making  bodies of the society and are able to enjoy their rights.


Girls smiling with a hope of better future at life skills class; Photo: JWAS/Nub Raj Bhandari


Our - Goal

To promote economic, social, political and environmental development  through rights-based, participatory and democratic process to eliminate social evils, illiteracy, ignorance, ill health, undemocratic norms, immorality, discriminatory practices, environmental degeneration, undemocratic norms and usags.


Youth - Police Practicing Mutual Cooperation - Photo: JWAS

Are you interested to donate for ending child marriage in Nepal?

JWAS is implementing Combating Forced, Early and Child Marriages of girls

Project in the school catchment area of Shree Baidhanath Devnarayan Janata Higher Secondary School, Dhanusha.

The overall goal of the project is to declare child marriage free school catchment area. The target is set to achieve by 2022.

The project has started in April 2018 with support from Mundo Cooperante under the Right To Be A Girl.  In the first year of implementation, JWAS has achieved the reduction of 20% child marriage.  

       School girl orientation
                                              Orientation program for schoolgirl on ending child marriage - Photo: JWAS

We are seeking more fund to work with our full efforts, 
If you are interested to fund, please contact at jwas@ntc.net.npinfo@jwas.org.np for more details.