Janaki Women Awareness Society (JWAS)


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Our Vision

Dignified Women; Prosperous Society

Send a Girl to High School With a Bicycle Gift

Girls with bicycle
Photo: JWAS/Nub Raj Bhandari

JWAS thanks its donors and supporters

Bicycle distribution ceremony

Photo: Girls Not Brides/Thom Pierce.

Flood Relief Fund For Victims in Nepal

JWAS disaster relief program

Photo: JWAS

Girls Listening Hilkor Radio Drama
Girls Hilkor
Photo: JWAS 


Our - Mission

Organize and empower women and marginalized people for enjoying their rights and inspiring their engagement to achieve a prosperous society


Organizational Strategic and Operational Planning Workshop (2021 - 2025); Photo: JWAS/Nub Raj Bhandari


Our - Goal

To promote economic, social, political and environmental development through rights-based, participatory and democratic process to eliminate social evils, illiteracy, ignorance, ill health, undemocratic norms, immorality, discriminatory practices, environmental degeneration, undemocratic norms and usages.



Donate For the Impactful Project:
Are you seeking to fund for Enhancing the Knowledge of girls and women on COVID -19, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender Based Violence in the Rural Communities of Dhanusha and Mahottari districts of Province-2, Nepal.

If so, it is a good  opportunity to support the below project. The project is currently funded by ROCKFLOWER.


If you are interested please contact at: nubepal@gmail.com, info@jwas.org.np, jwas@ntc.net.np